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NJ Honeybees Women’s Goalball team competed at the National Goalball Championship in Fort Wayne, IN in June 2017 and won there second Silver medal in a row for NJ. ABANJ was also able to send a Men’s Goalball teams, NJ Thunder. With our teammate, Lisa Checkowski who was chosen by the other athletes, coaches, and referees as the tournament's MVP.  An award won by Shelley Palmadessa the previous 2016 Nationals.  Lisa is a 5 time Paralympic and Medalist and holds many International Titles with the current US Women’s Goalball team, just returning from Rio with a bronze medal. While Cindy Simon has also be competing in her third Paralympics in Judo where she is currently ranked number 1 in the United States for her weight class (57kg). Skier Stacey Mannella, competed in the Sochi paralympics and she expects to be named as a member of the 2020 team. She completed in Solvenia and in Italy this winter winning medals in the Giant Slalom and the Slalom. Our Men’s Beepball team competed in the NBBA World Championship in August of 2016.

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?
The opportunity to play.” Mike Singletary

Our athletes are always happy to speak at local schools who want to know more about blindness and we have participated in Ability Day in the state, with the athletes sharing their experiences directly with the students. ABANJ is a non-profit organization that provides blind and visually impaired youth and adults in New Jersey with an opportunity to play sports at a variety of levels, from recreational to international competition. In 1977, the Association of Blind Athletes of New Jersey was formed by a group of
people and parents who believed that sports was an important part of any child’s development, especially a child with visual impairment who was often excluded from participating in most organized school and local sporting events. ABANJ is affiliated with the USABA in Colorado Springs, CO. The benefits of improved mobility and competitive achievement are learned and shared through the many individuals who have participated in the sport of their choice, from team oriented goalball, or beep baseball, to the adaptive programs for track and field, judo, skiing, and swimming. Athletes in NJ have competed at all levels, from local running races to National, International, and Paralympic Competition.

ABANJ is a 501c3 public charity.
Contributions are tax deductible
to the extent allowed by law.
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