Aven 2-in-1 Soldering/De-Soldering Station 17401

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Aven 2-in-1 Soldering/De-Soldering Station 17401 Description

Aven’s powerful new 2-in-1 soldering/de-soldering station has been designed for a wide temperature range (from 160 – 480 C) and is ideal for general purpose soldering as well as specialized lead-free soldering applications. The soldering iron tool heats rapidly from room temperature to 350C in as little as 30 seconds and is controlled automatically by the micro-processor. With its high-quality sensor the heat exchange system guarantees precise temperature control at the soldering tip. This digital temperature controlled soldering station includes a strong, Deluxe iron holder that features a pull out sponge tray and coiled Brass tip cleaner that is hard enough to remove debris from the solder tip, yet soft enough not to damage it. The de-soldering gun makes removing melted solder a breeze. Use the heated tip to melt the solder and squeeze the trigger. The solder will be quickly vacuum suctioned into the storage chamber, eliminating the need for cumbersome de-soldering pumps. Includes cleaning tools for easy maintenance.

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