DCS Dust Collecting Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

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DCS Dust Collecting Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder Description

Premium Powerpoint™ Brand ‘DCS’ Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder with Adjustable Grind Angle Feature and Built-In Dust Collection. The Safe, Convenient and Portable Tungsten Grinding Solution! The Sharpie DCS adjusts for a wide range of grind angles/tapers from 15-to-45 degrees (included angle) for virtually any TIG welding application.The grinder’s double-sided diamond wheel delivers precise longitudinal grinds on electrode sizes 1/16′, 3/32′ and 1/8′ (1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm). Minimum tungsten grind length is 1-1/4” (31.7mm). Note: .040′ (1.0mm) collet sold separately.Quick and consistent electrode preparation for improved weld-quality. Easily add a tip flat for longer electrode tip life and reduced weld contamination. The built-in cut-off option allows you to remove only contaminated portions of the electrode. No more breaking electrodes which causes splintering of the tungsten, reducing electrode performance.Safe and easy to use — Grind electrodes in the shop or in the field. Shielded grinding wheel eliminates safety issues common with ‘side’ or ‘wheel’ type grinders which can grab the electrode and shoot it back at the operator. Diamond ground electrodes reduce tungsten consumption and waste. No more wearing out belt sander belts, or grinding deep grooves into your bench grinder wheels. Your shop will be cleaner, safer and more productive. The reversible long-life diamond wheel means low replacement part costs.

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