EDSYN 951SXTP Soldering Station Package

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EDSYN 951SXTP Soldering Station Package Description

951SX Soldering Station PackageAccurate linear temperature control.Easy to maintain and calibrate.Modular assembly of parts for easy service.Wide variety of soldering and SMT crown tips available.External calibration helps with ISO9000 compliance.Very cost effective solder station.Burn Proof Soldering Iron Cord.Large detachable water well for sponge.Well insulated Three position head for holding soldering iron.Power switch light and temperature blinking light.A Very Cost Effective Soldering Station for manufacturing or repair18 Month Warranty.Supplied with LT375 tip, SMD1 Chip Quik Package and LT396 Mini Flow Soldering tip.High reliability and cost efficiency make the 951SX Soldering Station EDSYN’s most popular soldering station for the assembly line and rework bench.

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