GOSS 1-W-2 Style Welding Tip

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GOSS 1-W-2 Style Welding Tip Description

Fits GENTEC 142T Fits VICTOR 100 Series Torch Handles Fits VICTOR 100C 0382-0008 Fits VICTOR 100FC 0382-0032 ‘VanGuard’ Medium Duty Fits UNIWELD WH350 Fits FirePower OxyFuel 250-350 Torch Handle 0382-0358, Fits GOSS TW-10A *Source GENTEC GAS WELDING AND CUTTING CATALOG CAT-GWACA01012 – 16. Welding Nozzle / Tip subject to equivalency and product swap rules. Nozzle / tip received maybe GENTEC, ATTC, import, domestic, FlameTech, original OEM part. Manufacturer’s listed for reference purposes only. TorchTips is NOT associated with VICTOR, ESAB, UNIWELD, ATTC, FlameTech, GOSS, GENTEC in any capacity.

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With all the service one's online store, you can find dating GOSS 1-W-2 Style Welding Tip numerous styles, creates and colors. We have working with the, producing brightness, durable together with great supplements.


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