Alpine and Nordic Skiing Information

The U.S. Paralympics Nordic Ski Team is actively searching for fit and motivated visually impaired athletes who would like to try the sport of Biathlon. Biathlon combines cross country skiing with two stops at a shooting range with 5 shots to hit 5 targets. For every shot missed a penalty must be skied, creating an exciting sport which requires a great balance of endurance and mental control for shooting accuracy. The cross country skiing is done with a guide on a loop approximately 2km long, and utilizes an electronic audio rifle for those with visual imparity to aim by narrowing in on the audio tone.

To get involved, and find out where you can try biathlon, contact

We can introduce you to the sport outside of winter season with the use of an audio rifle and ski pole ergometer, and we can introduce you to clubs within your region that offer the sport and invite you to attend a U.S. Paralympics Nordic Development Camp.

The U.S. Paralympics Nordic Team needs more visually impaired participants to reach our goals of becoming the World’s Best Nordic Team. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our sport and to give it a SHOT!

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